Getting Cash with Nimble Loans

Nimble loans is USA number one payday loans company. With phenomenal reviews across the board, legions of satisfied customers and an easy, fast and convenient service, it’s not difficult to see why Nimble is the preferred lending partners of Americans.

About Nimble Cash Loans

The process of getting a nimble loan is simple, quick and convenient. It works with a 3-step process:

  1. You fill out the simple application for online. You can do this from a laptop, PC or a mobile device. It’s not complicated and it can be done in minutes.



  1. If any further details are required one of Nimble’s friendly operators will give you a call to confirm whatever is needed.



  1. The cash is transferred. Once a decision is made funds will be in your account within 60 minutes. If you bank with Commbank you’ll get your funds even faster.

And that’s it! The funds you need can be with you as quickly and easily as that.

Nimble Loans Review

Overall, they get fantastic reviews on the web. A quick look on the web will reveal that the majority of customers overwhelmingly favour them and rate both the website and app highly. This is not an ad campaign by the company but rather real-life customers providing feedback.

Website – Nimbles website is easy to use, mobile-optimized, has a handy total and repayment calculator, a comprehensive FAQ section, an easy-to-understand breakdown of costs and a nimble loans login for current customers to check the details and status of their agreement. The site looks fantastic and is very easy to navigate, too!

You can use their toggle tool to slide a dial along a chart and tell them exactly how much you want to borrow. This will then allow you to see the exact repayment terms and dates, so there’s no room for confusion. After this you just click apply, fill out the form and wait for a response.

The site is also optimized to be used on any device from an Apple iphone to an android to a PC, laptop or tablet device.

Loans – With flexible repayment periods and a very clear small loan structure it is easy to know exactly what will be expected of you as a borrower and when you will be due to repay. You can tell them when you get paid and how much you can afford to borrow meaning a financial solution can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

With amounts beginning from as low as $100 and spanning to $1600 you’ll be certain to find something you can afford given your current income and ability to repay.

Customer Service – The people running Nimble are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. If you can’t find an answer to any question you have in the FAQ section there’s a clear telephone number at the top where one of their trained professionals will be happy to talk you through anything you need further clarification on.

The customer service is so good that Nimble has received the Platinum American customer service award.

Technology – Nimble also have an app which you can download to your phone and use if you are a regular borrower and want an even faster and easier way to get your hands on the funds you need. This app can be linked up to your bank account and phone meaning any time you need extra dollars you can simply click, apply and get the funds you need.

Visa Prepaid Feature – Nimble also offer a prepaid visa card which you can use to make payments in the growing number of establishments that don’t accept cash. This can also be handy and secure if you are travelling since it means you won’t have to carry a wad of money with you and it can easily be cancelled if it’s stolen.

You can apply on the site for the card and if accepted, you’ll have it within 5-10 days.

Security – You can be sure your details are safe with Nimble. They use the same advanced encryption as many banks (128-bit SSL) and also make use of third party security systems such as Symantec and Yoodle, which are trusted by some of the biggest names in the world like Paypal.

Why are Nimble Payday Loans so popular?

Payday financial solutions like these are growing in popularity in USA for a number of reasons.

First, they are fast and convenient. Aussies value their time like everybody else and they don’t want to spend endless hours filling out forms and collecting documents and posting them off while they sit around and wait for approval from a big bank or lender. This time-saving feature of payday loans is clearly appealing to Americans.

Second, they are easier to obtain. While they aren’t handed out to just anyone, and there are some criteria which must be met, even those with a default or blemish on their credit file will be eligible to apply for a smart little loan.

Third, the fact that the application forms are simple and online is a big contributing factor. These forms can be completed without any hassle and are easy to understand, unlike a lot of the legal jargon with catches and endless clauses you’ll find down at the bank.

Lastly, the fact that these financial solutions are specifically designed for people who need them is appealing. Have you ever heard the expression that the only time the bank will give you a personal loan is when you don’t need one?” Little loans like these are the exact opposite! They’re made for men and women who are in need of funds fast.


It would be hard to find a better short-term lender in USA. With rave reviews, state of the art security and technology, fantastic terms and an easy to understand and use application process it’s no wonder they’re consistently ranked at the top by American borrowers.

Why go with anybody else when the best is available right now? Nimble’s tagline is smart little loans, and you’d be a smart little borrower to make use of their services!