Small-loanz – PayDay Loans Company review

About Small-loanz 

Small-loanz represents a branch of Enova International in USA and has over 10 years of experience in online lending.

Due to their extended experience and network of brands, they offer one of the biggest loan amounts on the American market.

What does it offer?

Small-loanz offer short-term loans between 65 and 100 days. If the client is approved by Small-loanz automatic selection system, he or she is entitled to a credit limit of up to $2,025.

It doesn’t mean that the customer has to borrow that whole amount – there is an option to draw less money. If then the customer feels that he needs more money – he can withdraw more during the redraw period, which usually lasts till the middle of the loan period. There is no additional charges or fees for the draws.

Depending on your application, Small-loanz will offer you different payment options, which vary depending on the instalment payments and final payments. You can choose the most suitable one for you.

Additional services offered by Small-loanz:

  • Emergency Due Date adjustment once per loan

  • Possibility to refuse the loan within 24 hours.

The process for getting a loan

Just like with any online loan providers, the application process is very fast and easy: you fill in the application online, upload your bank statements (no need to fax, scan or mail them in) and wait for a decision for a couple of hours.

Small-loanz follows the responsible lending guidelines and complied with the national regulation on credit services. American laws require all credit providers not to take advantage of the lenders and thus verify the financial situation of their clients. Which means that Small-loanz will go through a verification process of your income and your expenses for the last 90 days.

Small-loanz uses Yodlee service to verify your income and expenses transactions. This is a very secure platform so you shouldn’t worry about disclosing your bank information. All the data is transferred via encrypted form and gives Small-loanz the opportunity to read your bank history, but not store, sell or alter it in any way.

Once your application is approved, the money you requested is transferred into your bank account and you will get an email confirming it.

Fees and Conditions

In order to be able to apply for the loan with Small-loanz you have to live in USA and have an active bank account, be 18 years or older and hold a job for the last month.

Qualified customers are entitled to borrow up to $2,425. There’s an establishment fee of $400, which means that you can withdraw up to $2,025. Establishment fee is the price you pay for administering your loan and it’s included in the credit limit.

A minimal principal withdrawal is required, but keep in mind that you DO NOT HAVE to use the whole amount – withdraw as much as you need at the moment. In case some real emergency comes your way, you will be able to request more during the open draw period up until you reach the $2,025 limit.

The interest on the unpaid loan amount that you take out (also called Outstanding Principal Amount) is 48% per year.

The loan has to be repaid in 65 or 100 days and you can choose yourself the most convenient repayment option.

Their Main Advantage

Easy process for biggest amounts

Comparing the amount you get, Small-loanz probably has the easiest application system. Even people with poor credit history seek financial help here and get approved. They have a solution for every budget in need.

24-hours satisfaction guarantee

The client can return the loan if he contacts Small-loanz customer support within 1 day of receiving the money.


Sometimes the company issues coupons that will give you a discount on the Establishment fee (which is $400). There’s a place on the website where you enter the coupon code when you fill out the application.